My name is Stephen Walsh. I'm a singer/songwriter from Dublin, Ireland. My performances cover all different types of genres, with an Irish twist. I am currently playing some gigs, mainly in and around Dublin city, as I've just moved home after a few months travelling and singing around the world.

I've been singing and playing guitar for as long as I can remember. In recent years, my love for music has continued to grow, and I am excited about the years ahead.
Over the years I have taught myself to play many more instruments other than guitar, including the banjo, mandolin, piano, drums, bass, tin whistle, bodhrán, and most recently, I've started learning to play the fiddle. I have also started doing some home recording which is very exciting.
I have performed on many stages throughout the world, to crowds large and small. 
When I'm playing, I love to entertain, and get the audience involved in my performances, which makes my show a fun experience for everyone. That's what live performances are all about...FUN!

In more recent times, I have started recording some original music, and started working with some amazing musicians, songwriters and producers, which makes for very exciting times ahead.

I am looking forward to finishing my current album which I'm still working on recording, mixing and mastering. The album is full of my favourite Irish songs, and I have added a sample of a couple of songs from it on this website in the 'Music' section.
I have been lucky enough to be joined by some absolutely amazing musicians and friends for this album, so I am excited to hear the end product. You will be able to order and/or download the album on this website. 

Please feel free to contact and follow me and check out my music: Email: